FCF Empowers Employees with ISSF Training to Elevate Sustainability Practices

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) December 8th, 2023 – FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF) recently collaborated with the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) to conduct an internal training workshop. Dr. Hilario Murua from ISSF was invited to this workshop to provide recommendations on managing improvements regarding bycatch issues in longline fisheries.

Drawing upon research experience, Dr. Hilario Murua delivered the latest insights in fisheries science to FCF colleagues during the workshop. Emphasizing the MSC’s three main principles and indicators as the core foundation of the workshop. Dr. Hilario Murua applied ISSF-recommended conservation measures(CMs) in a clear and comprehensive manner. The presentation underscored the importance of effective management as the key to promoting the conservation and sustainable management of marine resources, urging all stakeholders to prioritize such actions. Through learning and application of this newfound knowledge, FCF continues to assist its supply chain in gradually realizing a vision of marine sustainability.

The Sustainability Project Manager at FCF remarked, “This workshop serves as one of the preludes to our Sustainability Symposium! Having the privilege to host a training session led by a senior researcher from ISSF, Dr. Murua not only shared invaluable knowledge but also further aided FCF colleagues in understanding how international organizations approach practical sustainability in fisheries. We believe this workshop will assist colleagues and supply chain partners in communicating with a more scientific perspective.” Tom Evans from Key Traceability, as the lead of FCF’s Fishery Improvement Projects(FIPs), shared that: “FCF’s American subsidiary, Bumble Bee Foods LLC., is also an ISSF participating company. Coupled with the continuous commitment to sustainable sourcing on the market side, FCF, as a key player in the tuna supply chain, recognizes the importance of implementing and urging these management measures. It is also an indispensable part of our FIPs.”

Apart from knowledge exchange with FCF colleagues, FCF arranged for Dr. Hilario Murua to join colleagues on an actual longline fishing vessel for practical training, applying the learned techniques in the fishing workplace. On the vessel, Dr. Hilario Murua guided FCF colleagues on assessing the vessel’s sustainability practices based on ISSF’s “Best Practices for Bycatch Mitigation in Fisheries” and demonstrated how relevant tools can reduce bycatch in fishing operations. This on-site visit not only enriched the training experience but also deepened our colleagues’ understanding of bycatch issues through hands-on mitigation measures.

FCF has long been committed to the sustainable development of the fishing industry, believing that adherence to improvement actions and policies based on scientific research will benefit the sector. In the future, FCF aims to continue nurturing its sustainability capabilities through various training and collaborative opportunities, actively practicing marine environmental conservation efforts.

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