Business Strategies

With the vast network of resources and significant volume we deal with, FCF naturally maintains up to date information on changes in market conditions, price fluctuations, operating costs, international fishing laws and regulations. Our aim is to provide our partners with the most updated information to help extend their advantage over limited natural marine resources and controlling costs. In 2011, FCF invested in an ERP system which we are now reaping the benefits of the efficiency of information exchange.

For fishing vessel owners, FCF provides turn key services such as: vessel building financing, provisions, bunkering, marketing, repairs and maintenance, and compliance with the international marine regulations and regional marine resource conservation measures. Through its established network with island nations and local fishery authorities, FCF provides legal and environmental consulting services to fishing vessels to expand business opportunities.

For fish processors and brand owners, FCF offers an one-stop procurement center by marketing all ranges of seafood products including raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.