The FCF Advantage


We know tuna. In fact, we handle more raw materials for canned tuna than any company in the world. An industry leader for more than 40 years, FCF and our 30+ subsidiaries, fishing bases, shipping agents, and over 250 contract vessels offer an established worldwide marketing and logistics network for our customers—from suppliers to retailers.


Service you can count on. FCF customers know they can rely on the rapid response of our customer service and troubleshooting teams 24 hours a day, seven days a week—no matter where in the world they are. Supply chain you can trust. Our vast, trusted network of boat owners, suppliers and processors within the FCF supply chain allows us to secure cost effective and sustainable access to raw materials.


Industry-leading know-how. As the leading tuna supplier for the Western Pacific, we’re in contact with major suppliers and vessel owners on a daily basis. Our timely and relevant market intelligence is second-to-none, and our professional team provides the most updated quotes and real-time market analysis.


It’s more than a FAD. The increased global demand for tuna makes the need for sustainable tuna fisheries more important than ever. At FCF, we know that protecting, preserving and enhancing our ecosystem requires more than talking about it. That’s why, in addition to taking the lead on fishing aggregating device (FAD)-free fishing certification processes, FCF works closely with governments, coalitions, commissions and management organizations throughout the world to ensure our company, suppliers—and ultimately, our customers—meet and exceed best practices for sustainability and traceability standards.


World-renowned reputation. FCF is a vertically integrated global organization with network of strategically located, owned and contract tuna processing plants, commercial offices, fishing fleets and supply assets. From Asia Pacific to the United States to South Africa and Spain, FCF’s reliable, integrated supply chain solutions has earned us an impeccable reputation among boat owners, processers, importers, brand owners and retailers around the world.