Our Teams


At FCF, we believe our employees are our greatest asset, which is why we invest in ongoing leading-edge industry training to constantly improve the quality, diversification and competitiveness of our teams. We also provide a nurturing and performance-based working environment, allowing employees to be self-motivated and committed to the company’s goals as well as individual development goals.


Task Force Team is in charge of sustainability and social responsibility developments at FCF, public relations, corporate communications, and island cooperation. The team, under the direct oversight of both CEO and President of FCF, has been dedicated to numerous projects contributing to the company core business, including strategic planning for business innovation, cooperating with island nations for food security, support of livelihood for local communities, and sustainable and social project execution.

Tuna Long-liner Team specializes in procurement and marketing of albacore tuna, ultralow sashimi-grade tuna, and other miscellaneous catches from long-liner vessels. The team offers total solutions to fishing vessels by providing fishing baits and gears, bunkering and carrier services around the world, and outreach and training sessions with vessel owners for sustainable and social development. Read more.

Purse Seiner Team specializes in the procurement and marketing of frozen skipjack and yellowfin tuna. Our Purse-Seine team specializes in the procuring and marketing of frozen skipjack and yellowfin tuna. Our experienced team members, most with over twenty years of experince, are the backbone of our purse seine operations. Our non-stop services allow our vessel partners the flexibility to operate without disruptions. The team is also responsible for outreach and training sessions with vessel owners for sustainable and social developments. Read more.

Vessel Service & Governance Team specializes in supporting vessels for certification, provision service, logistical supervision, quality assurance and compliance. The team is also responsible for market development for non-tuna products.

Information Technology Department provides technical support to the company for daily operations. The team is also in charge of information management system and any development of digital tools and software that meet corporate operation requirements.  

Administration Department establishes and promotes various legal and administrative management systems, plans and implements human resource development and general administrative management matters. 

Finance Department is responsible for financial planning and reporting, risk management and control, short and long term financial strategy, investments, hedging, mergers and acquisitions, cash management, internal audit for business operations and business accounting.

Compliance & Customers Response Management (CCRM) Department ensures the legal compliance with national and international regulations which includes fisheries products traceability, trading documents verification and zero-tolerance on IUU fishing. More importantly, CCRM leads on the company’s policy development that serves as core guideline for compliance to all the employees of FCF.