Corporate Sustainability Implementations

As food insecurity has been on the rise in many areas of the globe, at FCF, we are also committed to constantly improve on our sustainability efforts across our entire operation. We believe that sustainable business practices are not only beneficial to the planet, but also to all our employees, customers and the communities in which we reside in. Ultimately, everything we do is grounded in a greater purpose: to feed lives through the power of the ocean.

Promoting a Positive Workplace Environment

At FCF, we place a strong emphasis on our employees’ well-being. We are committed to fostering a safe, healthy, and equal workplace environment, guided by international policies such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labor Organization conventions. Additionally, we adhere to local laws to protect our employees’ rights. Our pledge is to ensure that every employee enjoys fair and equal working conditions, and we firmly prohibit any form of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, or forced labor. We take proactive measures to enhance employee well-being, offering various training programs, activities, and dedicated projects that promote physical and mental health while supporting career development.

Here are our core principles:

Zero Tolerance for Workplace Bullying

We cultivate a friendly and respectful work environment, where all forms of abuse, whether verbal or physical, are strictly forbidden.

A Stand Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

We actively promote gender equality awareness and strictly prohibit any form of gender-based harassment, including both verbal and physical harassment.

No Room for Discrimination

We unequivocally oppose discrimination based on factors such as race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political beliefs.

Ensuring Voluntary Labor

We guarantee that all employment conditions are voluntary, with absolutely no room for coercion, bondage, or involuntary labor.

Meeting or Exceeding Minimum Wage Standards

Our commitment includes providing wages and benefits that align with or surpass the minimum legal requirements in each respective location.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

We offer a diverse range of healthcare programs and ensure that our workplaces are safe and secure for all employees.

Fostering Employee Training and Development

We provide a wide array of training initiatives and financial support to encourage and support our employees' career growth.

Eliminating Child Labor

We adhere to local laws and regulations governing the minimum employment age and do not employ child labor.

Open and Transparent Communication Channels

We have established a fair employee complaint resolution system and provide accessible channels for immediate feedback. This includes complaint hotlines, suggestion boxes, complaint email addresses, and dedicated sexual harassment complaint channels, all designed to listen to and address our colleagues' concerns and opinions.

Our Subsidiaries’ Sustainability Efforts

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Bumble Bee Seafoods

Bumble Bee Seafood Company is a seafood brand founded in 1899 and located in San Diego, California that offers a wide range of products. The company actively supports various initiatives aimed at improving seafood practices as well as the health and wellbeing of the community in which it operates. Bumble Bee became the first shelf-stable seafood brand to change its multipack can product packaging plastic shrink wrap to readily recyclable paperboard cartons.

Clover Leaf

Clover Leaf Seafoods is the number one Canadian seafood company, founded in 1871 and based in Markham, Ontario. The company is dedicated to sustainability and responsible fishery sourcing. The company is committed to sustainable fishery practices and sources its seafood from responsibly managed fisheries.

Anova Food

Anova Food is a US-based company that leads the industry on food safety, sustainability, and social responsibility. As part of its sustainability efforts, Anova Food LLC works closely with small-scale fishers in Indonesia who follow sustainable fishing practices. In 2015, Anova became the world’s first company to import tuna that was certified under the International Fair-Trade Program.