Hosts 2023 Sustainability Symposium Addressing Critical Challenges in the Global Tuna Fishing Industry

(KAOSHIUNG, TAIWAN) November 20, 2023 – FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF), in partnership with the Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) and Alumni Service Center and Social Engagement, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), proudly hosted the “International Symposium on Fishery Sustainability 2023” in Kaohsiung on November 17, 2023. This event was also supported by esteemed co-organizers, including representatives from the Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Agriculture (Taiwan), College of Marine Sciences, NSYSU, and Carrefour Taiwan Cultural & Educational Foundation. The symposium symbolizes the unwavering commitment of FCF and its partners to enhance Taiwan’s fishing industry through the adoption and implementation of sustainable fishing practices.

The one-day symposium convened a diverse spectrum of industry leaders, including prominent figures from corporations, non-governmental organizations, and international institutions, fostering a robust platform for frank discourse about the enhancement of environmental sustainability in the seafood sector.

During the inaugural phase of the symposium, the keynote speaker, Dr. Chuck Fox from O5, imparted invaluable insights into the ‘Fishery Sustainability Blueprint,’ delving into three central themes: technologies for sustainable sourcing, biodiversity preservation, and seafood traceability. Subsequently, the three panel sessions addressed pivotal topics, spotlighting the collaborative endeavors of diverse stakeholders in addressing pressing issues such as lack of effective fisheries scientific data, unclear current regulations, practical and effective best fisheries practices, and specific market expectations for traceability. Panel speakers represented a wide array of sectors, encompassing governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations (including the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, Taiwan Wild Bird Federation, and EAST), scientific institutes (such as The Oceanic Fisheries Programme of the Pacific Community – SPC OFP), consultancy & auditing companies (Key Traceability, Bureau Veritas), and industry representatives (notably Bumble Bee Seafoods). Their collective wealth of expertise and experience enriched these discussions.

At FCF, our core areas of focus—sustainable tuna sourcing, sustainable fishing practices preservation, and seafood traceability—are not merely subjects of discussion but areas where our company invests unwavering commitment and effort. This commitment is documented in FCF’s latest Sustainability Report and Social Impact Report, released in September of this year, which highlights our focus on sustainability issues since 2015. As a responsible actor, FCF allocates substantial resources to sustainability projects and actively encourages the entire industry to face industrial challenges collectively. Aligned with our sustainability vision, the symposium aims to enable participants to establish connections and ignite further actions that extend far beyond the confines of this event.

Acknowledging the inherent challenges, the symposium underscores that by pooling efforts, a material impact can be achieved. As Mr. Max Chou, CEO/President of FCF, emphasized in his opening remarks, “Sustainability is a commitment that requires collective action. This symposium is a reflection of our dedication to catalyze positive change in the seafood industry.”

FCF, EAST, NSYSU, and other like-minded stakeholders are collaborating to foster ongoing initiatives that will pave the way for a sustainable future.

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