Our Products

Raw Materials/ Semi-finished and Finished/ Other Pelagic Species

Raw Materials

FCF is a leading supplier of tuna, squid and other pelagic species to the US, Japan and China markets. Raw materials are provided to customers based on specific needs. Our network of fishing vessels can be found fishing in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans all year around and transshipped to refrigerated carriers closest to fishing ports. The raw materials are then delivered directly to processing/packing plants to ensure a stable supply for our customers and canneries.

Semi-finished and Finished

In addition to our own state of the art processing plants in Papua New Guinea and Ghana, FCF works with a network of fish processing plants throughout the world to provide cooked, precooked, cleaned fish loins and finished products, based on our customers’ specifications.

Other Pelagic Species

FCF is a major supplier of wide variety of pelagic species that are used for human consumption as well as bait. Pacific Saury is a popular fish for food consumption. In Europe, Saury is used for bait due to the catching rate of cod fish has increased. FCF is the top ranked supplier of pacific saury for Korea and Northern Europe markets. Below, please find a small sample of the many products that FCF provides: Saury, Oil fish, Herring, Muroaji, Milk fish and Sardines.