FCF Releases Preliminary Findings on Responsible Recruitment Practices in Seafood Supply Chain

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) December 12th, 2023 – FCF Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the preliminary findings from the first phase of our comprehensive program, which focuses on responsible recruitment practices within our seafood supply chain. This report outlines the results of two key areas: collaboration with vital stakeholders, particularly the Indonesia Fishermen’s Association (INFISA), to comprehend recruitment practices for nine sending agents in Indonesia, and the assessment of two receiving agents in Taiwan using the On The Level (OTL) standard. The latter is designed to enhance ethical standards and operational effectiveness, aligning with our commitment to responsible business practices.

The first section of the report sheds light on FCF’s collaborative efforts with INFISA to evaluate recruitment practices for sending agents in Indonesia. This initiative underscores our dedication to closely working with stakeholders to address challenges and enhance standards in the recruitment process.

The second part delves into the assessment of receiving agents in Taiwan through the application of the OTL standard, developed by The Fair Hiring Initiative. This assessment aims to boost ethical standards and operational effectiveness, in line with our commitment to responsible business practices.

Both aspects highlighted in this report emphasize the need for comprehensive improvements in recruitment practices within our seafood supply chain. It’s important to note that, due to the limited sample size of the project, the report may not comprehensively capture all challenges within the industry. However, these preliminary findings serve as a foundation for a more detailed exploration and analysis in subsequent phases.

This introductory report sets the stage for FCF’s commitment to responsible recruitment practices and paves the way for a comprehensive exploration of the findings and recommendations, guiding the seafood supply chain toward a path of continuous improvement. As the next step, FCF is eager to collaborate with various stakeholders on responsible projects that would efficiently benefit crew members.

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