Tuna Long-liner Team

FCF was created over 40 years ago to service Long-liner fishing vessels primarily for trading activities. Today, our Tuna Long-liner Team is responsible for the procuring and marketing of albacore tuna, deep-frozen sashimi tuna, and other miscellaneous catches from long-liner vessels. Our team offers total solutions to fishing vessels by providing fishing baits, and port and high-seas bunkering and carrier services around the world.

FCF has a network of over 300 fishing vessels fishing in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans all year around. These fishing vessels provide raw materials to canneries in Fiji, Samoa and Thailand, with the final destination of the products to the US market. FCF has a vast sales network throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the US. With over 40 years of experience, FCF has established long-term relationships with its suppliers and buyers and is able to ensure stability of supply,

Quality assurance, competitive pricing, timely delivery, and logistical benefits. Our services extend to high seas and port bunkering in all three oceans. We work with over 15 oil tankers to provide bunkering services for fishing vessels throughout the world. With a strong customer base and committed suppliers, FCF is able to complete buy/sell transactions with quick financing turnaround unmatched by our competitors.

Deep-Frozen Sashimi Tuna

Our deep-frozen sashimi tuna business has over 30 years of strong buyer/seller relationships and is ranked amongst the leading global sashimi trader. FCF works with 200 fishing vessels from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Seychelles, Philippines, and Indonesia. These vessels fish in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans all year round to provide raw materials to Japan, Korea, and China markets.