“Social Evaluation Project” is one of the projects of FCF’s Social Responsibility Program, which aims to identified labor issues on the fishing vessels via systematic auditing approach. 

Our Vision to Drive Improvements

FCF has conducted the Social Evaluation Project (SEP) and commenced the SEP with standard development since 2021. The project works with external experts and e-Audit Service, a third-party auditing platform, to develop social audit schemes suitable for fisheries.

Initiated Social Evaluation Project (SEP)
Introduced qualified external auditors from third-party organizations implement social aduit
Conducted auditing and improving engagement at Mauritius and Fiji the two major fishery bases
Updated FCF's Supplier Social Requirement for Vessel Owners
The auditor and interpreter onboard vessel talking with crew members.
During the interviewing, auditor ensure that crew members are able to provide information freely and without interference.

A Systematic Audit for Fishery Management

Auditors visit the Office of the fleet to check company’s management system for social practice and sampling the vessels for Site Audits to ensure the vessels under the same fleet comply with the management system.

There are 14 elements for social requirements detailed in the FCF Social Responsibility Policy section of FCF Tuna Sustainability Policy