Risk Evaluation Tool & Worker Voice

Using various resources to push forward the diverse risk assessment tools and develop worker voice mechanisms for fishers.

To promote healthy communication between fishing companies and their crew members as well as compliance with relevant social standards, FCF establishes multiple third party platforms and tools with NGOs for the grievance mechanism:

FCF Fisher’s Survey

The FCF Fisher’s Survey is a QR Code-based platform which enables crew members to connect with onshore third-party organizations. Crew members are able to provide their feedback digitally with regard to their working environment and vessel compliance to relevant fishery regulations. This allows FCF to mitigate the risks of information deficiency and communication gaps between fishing companies, recruitment agencies and the crew members while the vessel is operating at sea.

Worker’s Voice Platform

The online grievance “Worker’s Voice” Platform (the “Platform”) is developed by NGOs and third-party organizations collectively with the support from FCF. In the event a work environment is not up to the relevant social standards or is in violation of worker’s rights, crew members are able to file complaints with NGOs via the Platform anonymously. By building a secure channel for mutual communication NGOs and crew members, this platform elevates the willingness of crew members to communicate, and meets the social requirement of the Worker’s Voice by allowing them to express their feedback and comments appropriately without retaliation.