Fishery Improvement Project (FIP)

Collaborating  with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), brand owners, processors and fisheries companies for the implementation plan of FIP.

FCF is committed to helping the fisheries comply with international fisheries standards. With the joint effort from the key stakeholders in the supply chain, FCF moves forward with the implementation plan of FIP. The scope of a FIPis aligned with the three core principles of the MSC Fisheries Standard: 

1) Sustainable fish stocks,

2) Minimising environmental impact, and

3) Effective fisheries management.

FCF also incorporates the requirement of Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy, which FisheryProgress launched in May, 2021 with the objective of this policy being to help FIPs reduce the risk of human and labor rights abuses and to provide a common framework for reporting on social performance in fisheries. At the same time, FCF has communicated extensively with vessel owners for their active participation in social audits and long-term improvement plans. 

With the provision of expanding sustainable sourcing, in December of 2021, the comprehensive FIPs led by FCF fully cover three major oceans in stage 3, which fulfilled with the scope extension on both Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and also launched to addressing sustainability gap in Atlantic ocean fishery. The establishment of these FIPs is vital to ensuring a sustainable FCF tuna supply chain, which leads to the fact that more than 80% of our longline supplying vessels have been harvesting tuna from FIPs. Through our FIP development and engagement, FCF is aiming for tuna sourcing from fisheries that are deemed consistent with maximum sustainable yield principles, and we are committed to working cooperatively at strengthening the relevant management and conservation systems to achieve this. All FIP projects are projected to achieve MSC certification by the end of calendar 2024 (the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean) and 2026 (the Atlantic ocean).

Pacific Ocean

中西太平洋長鰭鮪與黃鰭鮪延繩釣漁業 (Comprehensive)

Western and Central Pacific Ocean albacore and yellowfin tuna - longline


Applicable species: Albacore, Bigeye and yellowfin tuna 

Indian Ocean

印度洋長鰭鮪延繩釣漁業 (Comprehensive)

Indian Ocean albacore tuna - longline


Applicable species: Albacore tuna

Atlantic Ocean


Atlantic Ocean albacore tuna - longline


Applicable species: Yellowfin, bigeye and albacore tuna

Pacific Ocean

Western and Central Pacific Ocean tuna - purse seine (Comprehensive)

適用魚類:正鰹 、黃鰭鮪、大目鮪
Applicable species: Skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye tuna

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