Fisheries Traceability Verification System

Supporting suppliers of FCF to implement a traceability system that is verifiable by a credible third-party.

Traceability is one of the most important components in ensuring fishery sustainability. It enhances the company’s transparency as well as internal management systems, which ultimately deters IUU fishing from appearing in the supply chain. FCF endeavours to work with our suppliers to demonstrate traceability management from fishing set identification on Purse Seiners to delivery of fish to processing plants. 

FCF’s  traceability system includes a comprehensive JDE system that applies to all the business units and accounting department. Before any transaction is enforced, there are more than 30 checking items from the system that our employees will be reminded about.

Also, there is a FCF Sustainability Program (FSP), that has been recognised by world-known Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) leader Bureau Veritas (BV). BV regularly conducts audits and evaluations to ensure FSP is well managed and recorded from the fishing set to delivery. Currently there are about 50 vessels, including both Purse seine fishing and carrier vessels, under FSP.





FCF associated carrier vessels for FCF Sustainability Program

Total active carrier vessels
NoCarrier VesselIMO numberStatus
1Sea Glory II 9009695Active
2Sea Star V8914221Active
3Sea Pearl I9008639Active
4Fong Kuo 8188904070Active
5Tai Xing8210273Active
6Tai Fu No.17908976Active
7Sea Trader I8919893Active
8Tai Ning8217116Active
9Fong Kuo 8198913992Active
10Yong Fa Yun 109787716Active
11Yong Fa Yun 129797527Active
13Sein Star8319029Active
14Sein Sun8415859Active
15Hai Feng 7189135169Active
16Sea Reefer9175274Active
17Hai Feng 6488710132Active
18Tai Fu No. 37927453Active
19Hai Feng 6189035084Active
21Boyang Capella9886794Active
22Frio Olympic8801802Active
23Shin Ho Chun 1019220653Active
24Frio Poseidon8807662Active
25Hua Fu 1078518819Active
26Hua Fu 2079041540Active
27Tiara 1088420763Active
28Viva 1068122385Active