Worker's Voice

Worker’s Voice” is one of the projects of FCF’s Social Responsibility Program, which aims to establish an effective grievance mechanism for the distant water fishery. Nowadays, the requirement of grievance mechanism has been considered as a key element to improve human right practices in any industry. Responding to global social responsibility trends and our setting goals, FCF started the “Worker’s Voice” Project since 2021.

Our Vision to Help Change

FCF has supported the grievance mechanism by developing the digital tool from which crew members can raise an issue in their preferred language. The submission form is currently available in six languages for those nationalities commonly found as crew in the fishing industry. FCF will continue to raise awareness about this mechanism throughout its supply chain so that more crew members may access a formal grievance mechanism.

The First Independently Managed
Grievance Mechanism in the Industry

In order to implement an effective grievance mechanism for crew members of distant water fishing vessels, FCF worked with the Seamen and Fishermen’s Service Center (SFSC), an organization affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. Established in 1986, this Service Center is dedicated to supporting all fishery workers, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. The technical collaboration, on the other hand, has been with e-Audit Services, a provider of novel and cost-effective audit management solutions for complex global supply chains. Working with these reputable organizations gives FCF greater assurance that grievances voiced by crew members within its supply chain are managed independently, addressed in a timely manner, and remediated appropriately.

So far, over 150 Taiwan-based fishing vessels currently have access to the SFSC-linked QR code, including tuna purse seiners, tuna longliners, and squid jiggers. According to SFSC, Q4 2021 to Q2 2022, grievances received more than 140 crew members. Among them, 93% cases have already been processed by SFSC, while the rest may not be able to be accepted because of incomplete case information.

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