Project Management Personnel



  • Assisting in promoting corporate social responsibilities and fisheries sustainability projects.

  • Assisting with interdepartmental communication and integrated projects.

  • Participation in international fisheries conferences and coordination of international affairs.

  • Assisting in analysis of industry data and information.

  • Must have a strong sense of responsibility, excellent attention to detail, and eagerness to learn

  • Good logic ability, quick responses

  • Overseas study or life experience preferred.

  • Project management and corporate sustainability project management experience preferred.

  • Must be able to independently implement projects and must be able to work in a team.

  • A proactive attitude,willingness to actively assume responsibility, cheerful, emotionally stable

  • Bonuses & Gifts
    Cash gifts/gift items on the three major annual holidays, birthday cash gifts and year-end bonuses

  • Major Personal Events Subsidies
    Marriage cash gifts, cash gifts for children’s marriages, childbirth assistance subsidies,  child education, funeral subsidies, and hospitalization consolation money 

  • Education and career growth
    Continuing education subsidies, and work rotation and promotion system

NTD 35,000 ↑

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