Partners with Local Universities to Launch Internship Program, Empowering Youth with Valuable Social Experience

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) April 27, 2023 – FCF Co., Ltd (FCF) has partnered with local universities to offer six-month or one-year internship programs to provide young students with diverse learning opportunities and help them gain valuable social experience and industry knowledge related to the distant water fishing sector.

During the internship program, FCF not only provides systematic practical training but also assigns senior employees as mentors to guide students in various operations related to domestic and international import and export trade. Through FCF’s unique industry characteristics, students can accumulate work experience in international trade, understand the development and significance of Taiwan’s distant water fishing industry, cultivate their international vision, and deeply learn about the relevant knowledge of fishery sustainability.

Moreover, FCF regularly invites university professors to visit the company to understand the students’ learning status and further exchange ideas with academia, creating a mutually beneficial learning environment. In recent years, FCF has expanded the internship program to attract students from outside the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area, and this year, nearly 40 interns from various universities across Taiwan, including diverse majors such as business, finance, foreign languages, shipping management, political science, and international trade, participated in the program.

In the internship program, FCF also incorporates its long-term commitment to promoting fishery sustainability, hoping to enhance the new generation’s correct understanding of Taiwan’s distant water fishing industry and encourage young talents to enter the industry. FCF is currently recruiting interns for the year 2023 and welcomes interested students to submit their resumes on its official website.

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