Event Details

The International Symposium on Fishery Sustainability 2023, organized by FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF) in partnership with the Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) and the Alumni Service Center at National Sun Yat-sen University, is dedicated to addressing critical challenges facing the global fishery industry with a primary focus on sustainability.

Session 1 - Techs to Sustainable Sourcing

Exploring the role of scientific data and technology in deep-sea fishing sustainability, including modern tools like electronic observers and Taiwan’s advancements in relevant technologies.

Session 2 - Maintaining Marine Biodiversity

Addressing strategies to mitigate bycatch in purse seine and longline fishing, including practical cases using biodegradable devices like Jelly-FAD. We aim to share experiences and insights on reducing bycatch for marine conservation.

Session 3 - Establishing Seafood Traceability

Engaging with experts and industry representatives to discuss the importance of seafood traceability and transparency, with a focus on implementing traceability mechanisms to ensure sustainable sourcing and sustainability in the seafood supply chain.

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