FCF Teams Up With Fishing Companies To Press Ahead “Fishtopia”, The Blueprint of Fishery Sustainability, Through participating Fishery Improvement Projects

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN- (April 20, 2022) FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF) continues to increase supply chain sustainability capacity; In March this year, FCF rolled out a series of suppliers engagement activities with key fishing companies that proactively participate in fishery improvement projects. This engagement provided FCF with important feedback from the fishing companies in terms of how they view sustainability and the challenges they faced during implementation. FCF incorporates the supply chain feedback and makes the necessary adjustments to the improvement projects.

As part of its improvement projects, FCF regularly engages with its FIP participant fishing companies to communicate the progress of the improvement program, align on sustainability issues and support any difficulties they face. FCF also openly encourages more suppliers to join FCF’s Fishtopia and actively be a part of the sustainability movement.

“Fishtopia” represents FCF’s vision in parallel with the larger global endeavor to support the sustainability of fisheries. This vision demonstrates our full commitment to environmental resources and social responsibility; it also supports initiatives pertaining to sustainable fishing, traceability, and the FCF Social Responsibility Program (SRP) that we have been proactively working on with various stakeholder


“ I am convinced that joining these projects is the right way to go and fully support the direction we are heading to. With the participation in whether fisheries sustainability or social responsibility programs it lowers the risk from a management perspective. Although it’s inevitable there will be an impact on operation costs when taking into account the factors on the market price and competition, this is just the challenge we are coping with the whole supply chain.” shared Tunago Fishery Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Lo.

Mr. Lo, Chairman of Tunago Fishery Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hong, Chairman of RUEY I SHYANG Fishery

“ We’ve recognized the global trend in sustainability since many years ago.  ” said Mr. Hong, chairman of RUEY I SHYANG Fishery, who has been participating FCF’s fishery improvement projects for 3 years, “We believe that making changes to the status quo creates a more sustainable future which eventually builds up trust in between our customers, helping to secure the business opportunities.”

Several suppliers also expressed their expectations to have more support and involvement from the different stakeholders. Through the collaborations between fishery, governmental and academic authorities, the entire fishery supply chain parties, from fishing companies to frontline fishermen, can be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, and work as a team to fulfill sustainability goals.

FCF will also consolidate the valuable feedback from the supply chain engagement, and adapt into the next stages of the improvement program. At the same time, FCF is continue enhancing the interaction with suppliers through regular visiting and hosting stakeholders meetings, hoping to help the industry build capacity for sustainable development.

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