FCF Shares Positive Momentum Update for Electronic Monitoring Data Collection Improvement Project

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) August 30, 2023 – FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF), is announcing significant progress in the first phase of its data collection improvement project, representing positive momentum toward marine conservation and sustainable resource management. Initiated in December 2022, Electronic Monitoring Systems (EMS) have now been installed on several vessels participating in FCF’s Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs).

EMS on vessels will increase the at-sea monitoring of fishing activities to better ensure that vessels are fully cooperating with the management measures developed by the relevant fishery management organizations (RFMOs) as well as domestic regulations. The project goals include enhancing scientific data collection, contributing to conservation initiatives, and elevating sustainable management practices.

“We are grateful for the overwhelming response and dedication from all stakeholders involved in this transformative project,” said Metilda Chu, Project Manager at FCF. “The progress we have achieved reflects our shared commitment to sustainability and environmental well-being. The introduction of the monitoring system allows us to be informed promptly and proactively, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of our conservation strategies.”

The project’s initial trial, implemented in March 2023, was so successful that the second phase of the project, originally anticipated for 2024, has now been accelerated to late 2023. FCF’s data collection partner, Satlink, is now set to begin the first round of data collection and analysis.

“The first-round data analysis promises to be a significant milestone, and we’re eager to unpack into the insights it will yield,” said Javier De la Cal, the Regional Sales Director APAC & Africa at Satlink. “The expansion of the project further underscores the shared commitment towards a more sustainable future.”

Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, FCF intends to offer valuable insights that will guide policymaking, resource management, and conservation strategies. With the first round of data collection on the horizon and the accelerated timeline for the second phase, FCF welcomes more vessels within its supply chain to join this impactful initiative. By increasing participation, the project’s scope will expand, driving a greater contribution to global conservation and sustainable management efforts.

Mr. Yeh, Chairman of CHING KUO FISHERIES, is not only one of the participating vessel owners but also a dedicated FCF partner, and he shares his excitement: “Being part of this project is an honor. We’re contributing to a greater good and committing to a positive impact on better policy and fishing management. Having participated in the past project, I’m thrilled to see how technology has evolved. The decreased space required for hardware installation makes it even more accessible and beneficial for others to participate. I am proud to play a role in creating a better future for our oceans. As we move forward, I am confident that we’ll continue to be strong partners in this journey.”

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