FCF Leads the Way in Sustainable Fishing with the “Environmentally Friendly Fish Aggregating Device Workshop”

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) December 14th, 2023 – In a resolute commitment to advancing sustainable fisheries practices and championing marine environmental conservation, FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF), a trailblazer in Taiwan’s fishing industry, has taken proactive measures to address critical issues affecting our oceans. Aligning with WCPFC Conservation Measures (CMM 2021-01, para. 17), which require the removal of net mesh in the construction of drifting Fish Aggregating Devices (dFADs) from January 1, 2024, FCF Co., Ltd., in partnership with the Taiwan Tuna Purse Seiners Association (T.T.P.S.A.), organized the “Environmentally-Friendly Fish Aggregating Device Workshop” in Kaohsiung in November 2023.

The workshop featured esteemed guest speaker Dr. Lauriane Escalle, a senior fisheries scientist from the Oceanic Fisheries Programme of the Pacific Community (SPC). Dr. Escalle, stationed in New Caledonia since March 2017, leads scientific research on the use of dFADs in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, providing invaluable scientific counsel to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).

Dr. Escalle’s WCPFC Jelly-FAD project (supported by EU, US and ISSF) is a groundbreaking initiative in sustainable fisheries. Through extensive trials in the Pacific region, this project aims to develop environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional dFADs, mitigating the impact of fisheries on marine ecosystems. The workshop provided industry representatives with a comprehensive understanding of the experiences and cutting-edge technologies associated with the Jelly-FAD project, opening avenues for potential applications within Taiwan’s fisheries and enhancing our sustainable development capabilities.

During the morning session, Dr. Escalle engaged in in-depth discussions with participating vessel owners and masters of fishing vessels directly involved in the Jelly-FAD project. The session aimed to conduct a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of deploying Jelly-FADs over the past eight months and explore potential enhancements in the materials and production of dFADs.

In the afternoon session, FCF hosted a workshop with the T.T.P.S.A., inviting over 20 participants from Taiwanese purse seine fishing companies. Dr. Escalle delivered an informative introduction to the Jelly-FAD project, covering its background, objectives, trial results in the Pacific region, and pertinent technologies and experiences with environmentally friendly dFADs.

Representatives collaboratively explored ways to integrate the technologies and concepts from the Jelly-FAD project into Taiwan’s purse seine tuna fishing industry, engaging in in-depth discussions on feasibility in alignment with new WCPFC Conservation Measures.

This landmark event highlights FCF’s dedicated commitment to both sustainable fisheries and environmental stewardship. By bringing together key industry stakeholders, FCF aims to contribute significantly to the realization of a more sustainable future for Taiwan’s fisheries. 

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