FCF Establishes Volunteer Team to Embark on Social Responsibility Journey, Assisting Taiwan His Hands Christian Home in Supporting Women and Children

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) – May 20, 2024 – FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF) proudly announces the formation of the “FCF Volunteer Team,” a dynamic initiative led by dedicated employees committed to engaging in charitable activities across various regions, championing the ethos of corporate social responsibility. On May 18, the FCF Volunteer Team embarked on its inaugural mission, extending vital support to Taiwan His Hands Christian Home and actively participating in organizing community parent-child activities. This remarkable initiative not only underscores FCF’s deep-rooted care and support for local communities but also signifies its unwavering dedication to advancing ESG sustainability efforts.

Taiwan His Hands Christian Home is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a nurturing and secure environment for orphaned infants and vulnerable women. It prioritizes the protection and welfare of infants and young children facing crisis situations, particularly those aged 0 to 6. Beyond its role as a resettlement facility, Taiwan His Hands Christian Home strives to foster stronger family bonds through a range of engaging activities. During the recent parent-child event, the organization hosted four insightful parenting seminars tailored to infants and children, alongside a delightful baby-friendly market and charity sale, actively encouraging parental involvement and community engagement.

Throughout the event, the FCF Volunteer Team spearheaded various crucial tasks, including venue setup, guest reception, assistance with the charity sale, and ensuring the seamless execution of parent-child seminars. Their unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm infused the event with energy and warmth, leaving participants deeply touched by FCF’s genuine commitment to societal well-being.

Commenting on this initiative, the president of the FCF, Max Chou, expressed, “At FCF, we have always remained steadfast in our commitment to giving back to society, and the establishment of the Volunteer Team marks a significant milestone in this journey. We firmly believe that through our collective volunteer efforts, we can make a tangible difference in our communities.”

FCF Co., Ltd. reaffirms its unwavering dedication to promoting corporate social responsibility, guided by the ethos encapsulated in the Volunteer Service Team’s motto: “Spreading Love, Changing Lives.” As it continues to extend its support to local communities through philanthropic endeavors and compassionate care, FCF remains committed to fostering positive change and leaving a lasting impact on society.

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