FCF Establishes ESG Sustainability Steering Committee, Honors World Tuna Day, Propels Fisheries Sustainability

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) May 2, 2024 – FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF) proudly announces the official establishment of its ESG Steering Committee, solidifying its dedication to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and echoing the ethos of World Tuna Day’s focus on fisheries sustainability. While not listed on the Taiwanese stock exchange, FCF upholds itself to exceptional standards. In a testament to its commitment to transparency, the company pledges to release a biennial Sustainability Report, providing the public and stakeholders with updates on its sustainability journey.

Comprised of the President, senior executives, department representatives, and subsidiary delegates, the FCF ESG Steering Committee boasts a diverse array of expertise, including finance, operations, compliance, IT, and vessel services. Together, they aim to champion comprehensive corporate sustainability initiatives. Drawing from both domestic and international sustainability benchmarks, the committee will craft a robust sustainability strategy, informed by stakeholder feedback. This strategy will encompass traceability, responsible procurement and supply chain management, human rights protection, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, ecosystem preservation, water resource management, and governance diversity.

Max Chou, President of FCF, expressed, “We firmly believe that sustainability is the cornerstone of FCF’s enduring industry leadership. With the establishment of the ESG Steering Committee, we are poised to seamlessly integrate our capabilities and ensure that our operations foster positive impacts on the environment, society, and corporate governance.”

The Committee will vigilantly monitor global markets and societal sustainable goals, proactively seeking collaboration opportunities with stakeholders to champion the global fisheries sustainability agenda. In commemoration of World Tuna Day and its focus on sustainable fisheries, FCF pledges unwavering support and active participation in the advancement of sustainable fisheries practices, safeguarding marine resources and nurturing marine ecosystems.

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