FCF Elevates ESG Commitment through Trade Secrets Management Training

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) September 7th, 2023 – FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF) successfully conducted a comprehensive Trade Secrets Management training session this month. The primary objective of this initiative was to align with the latest principles of ESG corporate governance 4.0, enrich the understanding of pertinent legal aspects among our internal staff through practical coursework, and foster sustainable corporate development. The training was skillfully led by a Senior Attorney from Jones Day, who shared their extensive expertise in navigating trade secrets infringement cases and intellectual property-related matters.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of international business, competition among multinational corporations has intensified, underscoring the critical significance of upholding industry ethics and preserving a fair competitive marketplace. Against this backdrop, effective trade secrets management has become an urgent priority. Consequently, FCF organized this internal training program to elevate employees’ awareness of intellectual property, drive the creation of intellectual property value, and reinforce adherence to corporate governance regulations and intellectual property management.

The training curriculum encompassed topics such as the definition of trade secrets, key legal aspects, and practical protective measures. The instructors placed significant emphasis on the importance of adopting reasonable protective measures. They recommended that companies implement management protocols such as document numbering, email access control, and external hard drive oversight to mitigate the risk of internal information leaks at their source, while also enhancing employee diligence when handling company documents.

To ensure the participation of all employees, FCF thoughtfully structured the training as a two-day course, which included interactive Q&A sessions and simulations of responses to public relations crises related to trade secrets. This initiative not only significantly benefited our employees but also effectively assisted FCF in refining its internal management systems, deepening critical knowledge, and fortifying its intellectual property framework, thereby reinforcing our competitive edge.

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