East to West: FCF and Bumble Bee Foods Team Up for Coastal Cleanup, Championing Marine Ecology and Community Engagement

(Kaohsiung, Taiwan) September 23, 2023 – FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF), a leading advocate in addressing sustainability issues within the industry, has been unwavering in its commitment to fostering ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values, with a strong dedication to advancing sustainable fisheries as its core mission. To translate this vision into real-world impact, FCF routinely leads beach cleanup initiatives as part of its corporate social responsibility endeavors. Inviting company employee and their families, this year’s coastal cleanup event brought together 104 participants to restore the pristine shores along the Qijin coast in Kaohsiung – embodying the sustainability motto of “Shaping the Future of Our Ocean Together.”

Of significant note, FCF orchestrated a cross-border endeavor with its American subsidiary, Bumble Bee Foods LLC., concurrently hosting parallel coastal cleanup events on September 23, 2023. FCF led its cleanup in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, while Bumble Bee Foods took part in San Diego, USA. This synchronized effort aims to harness the collective strengths of both eastern and western companies, working hand in hand to enhance marine ecosystems and showcase an unwavering commitment to sustainable fisheries development and environmental preservation.

Moreover, the event extended warm invitations to employees to bring along their families, including children. By engaging children in the coastal cleanup alongside their parents and guardians, the event serves a dual purpose: providing youngsters an opportunity to develop an affinity for marine environments, learn the value of respecting nature, and cultivate habits of cleaning up litter and preserving the environment, all while fostering a profound connection to their local surroundings.
Max Chou, President of FCF, expressed, “As a leading example and practical stronghold for the sustainable advancement of Taiwan’s offshore fisheries, FCF has actively involved and initiated numerous marine conservation endeavors over the years. Through this coastal cleanup event, we aim to heighten our employees’ awareness of the sustainability challenges and opportunities pertaining to environmental issues within our industry.”

The coastal cleanup event also resonates with FCF’s corporate value of “Shaping the Future of Our Ocean Together” and translates it into tangible actions, encouraging employees to adapt their daily behaviors to reduce waste, shoulder social responsibilities, pursue ESG sustainability objectives, and collectively champion the preservation of our planet.

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