Donating Clothing, Masks, Notebooks and Second-Hand Furniture to People in Need

With fishery bases located around the globe, FCF endeavors to engage with and give back to the local communities it operates within. Since 2010, Maggie Wang, a member of FCF previously stationed in Papua New Guinea (PNG), has regularly led donation drives to support the PNG community after her first year on the island. After returning to Taiwan, Maggie still works together with locally based churches and missionaries from the Wycliffe Taiwan organization to collect donations of used clothing and classroom equipment, including notebooks, desks and chairs. These contributions are distributed among local PNG families and schools.  

In early 2020, FCF’s PNG cannery also sponsored donations of facial masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. As countless lives worldwide are impacted by the pandemic, FCF lends its support to the PNG community by providing essential resources to ensure their health and safety is maintained.

FCF’s community engagement and volunteering efforts extend beyond borders as the company aims to leave a positive impact wherever it goes.   

Maggie of FCF and PNG cannery colleagues

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