Correction Notice: 2022 FCF Sustainability Report

Dear Stakeholders,

We have identified and corrected an error in our recent sustainability report, “2022 FCF Sustainability Report.”

Correction Details:

Correction 1: Page 64 – Title of GHG Emissions Section

The title of the GHG Emissions section on page 64 has been revised to reflect the correct format. The inclusion of the year “2021” in parentheses has been removed for consistency and clarity.

Correction 2: Page 64 – GHG Emissions Section

In the GHG Emissions section on page 64, there is an error in the table where the year “2021” appears twice. One of these instances should be corrected to “2022” for accurate reporting.

Actions Taken: 

We’ve updated the report on October 6th, 2023.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and remain committed to accurate reporting. For questions or clarifications, please contact our sustainability team – Nick WANG [].


FCF Co., Ltd.

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