ANOVA Donates Essential Supplies in Compassionate Visit to Werdha Santhi Nursing Home

(Bali, Indonesia) January 31st, 2024 – ANOVA, a subsidiary of FCF Co., Ltd. (FCF), has recently conducted a heartfelt Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative at the Werdha Santhi Nursing Home in Tabanan city. The aim of this CSR program was to assist neglected elders, including those with and without family members and those suffering from mental disorders, ensuring they lead more dignified lives.

Arthur Yeh, Executive Vice President of FCF, noted, “Over the past two years, ANOVA has initiated multiple CSR projects in Indonesia, including beach clean-ups, school water purification, and blood donation activities. Our visit to Werdha Santhi is an extension of our dedication to corporate social responsibility.”

During the visit, the ANOVA team donated a variety of necessities such as rice, eggs, sugar, cooking oil, coffee powder, biscuits, rubbing oil, pillows, blankets, and household cleaning tools. The team also engaged in meaningful interactions with the elderly residents and toured the facility under the guidance of its head.

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