ANOVA Commemorates World Water Day with Coastal Clean-Up Event

(Bali, Indonesia) April 10, 2023 – ANOVA Food LLC, a subsidiary of FCF Co., Ltd., held a coastal clean-up event—“Keeping plastic out of our oceans” in commemoration of World Water Day at the end of March, 2023. The event was aimed arising awareness among the public about the importance of protecting the oceans and preserving the natural environment.

This year’s event took place at Matahari Terbit Beach, which is located near ANOVA Food LLC’s office in Bali. The staff participated in the clean-up activity by collecting waste from the beach, with a focus on plastic waste. After collecting the waste, it was sorted and separated, and will be processed for recycling. ANOVA Food LLC plans to create a product from the recycled waste, specifically a trash bin. In total, the staff collected 6.6kg of plastic waste from the beach.

Tari, ANOVA’s HR & Legal Manager, said, “By doing this activity as CSR, we as a company hope that we will give even just a little impact and influence on the society to keep our natural environment clean and sustainable. Therefore, in the future, we will have a legacy to the younger generation.”

Arthur Yeh, the Executive Vice President of FCF Fishery Company, also joined the event. “It was inspiring to see the ANOVA team coming together to make a positive impact on the environment,” said Yeh. “FCF keeps doing our best on sustainability in fishery and we are glad to see ANOVA and the team volunteer to preserve the natural environment in Bali.”

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