Responsible Recruitment Project

“Responsible Recruitment Project” is one of the projects of FCF’s Social Responsibility Program, which aims to establish an industry-accepted responsible-recruitment standard/process and conducting independent social audits for recruitment agencies to ensure fair treatment to crew members and improve the existing practice throughout the fishing industry crew recruitment process.

Our Vision to Drive Improvements

FCF has conducted the Responsible Recruitment Project (RRP) and commenced the RRP with standard development, identifying partners for trials since 2021. The project will first focus on conveying international social responsibility standard to be adopted and conducted by local labor recruiters and agents. FCF will also work with multiple external stakeholders to explore an optimal responsible hiring/recruiting mechanism through the capacity building and social assessment in the labor supply chain.

Initiated Responsible Recruitment Project (RRP)
Signed MoU with Indonesia Fishermen Association (INFISA)
Invited Stakeholders to Workshop for Ensuring Fair Recruitment Process
Hosted Focus Group and Panel Discussion with FCF's Supply Chain Partners & Scholar for RRP
Hosted Responsible Recruitment Training for Improving Crew Recruitment Process in Indonesia
FCF representatives met with INFISA and participant recruitment agencies to strengthen cooperation and explore for more possibilities
INFISA has completed the first round of recruitment agency verifications
Conducted the first gap analysis of the RR program.
Released the first phase report of the RR program.

An Optimal Responsible Recruiting Mechanism

First Phase Report

In November 2023, FCF is pleased to present the initial findings of the first phase of our comprehensive program, focusing on responsible recruitment practices within our seafood supply chain. This report encapsulates the outcomes of two critical areas: collaboration with key stakeholders, particularly INFISA, to enhance recruitment practices for sending agents in Indonesia, and the assessment of receiving agents in Taiwan using the On The Level (OTL) standard, aimed at improving ethical standards and operational effectiveness.

This introductory report sets the stage for FCF’s commitment to responsible recruitment practices, paving the way for a comprehensive exploration of the findings and recommendations. It guides the seafood supply chain towards a path of continuous improvement.

More Information of Responsible Recruitment Project​

June 22, 2022

FCF Hosts Responsible Recruitment Training For Improving Crew Recruitment Process in Indonesia

April 29, 2022

FCF hosts Focus Group and Panel Discussion with Its Supply Chain Partners & Scholar, The Party Takes a Deep Dive into Foreign Crew Members’ Salary Structure Enhancement in Distant Water Fishery

October 28, 2021

FCF Invites Stakeholders to Workshop for Ensuring Fair Recruitment Process